Mila Kunis' Nudity Confession May Ruin Her Chances of Playing Anastasia in '50 Shades of Grey'

mila kunis nudityFifty Shades of Grey fans who had high hopes for Mila Kunis making a play for the role of Anastasia Steele may be brokenhearted once they hear what the actress had to say to Allure magazine recently ... She was recently dishing about her sexy part opposite Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits (which is kinda old news, so I'm wondering why it came up now, but it IS a damn good movie, so whatevs). And she admitted that she's not a fan of full nudity.

She elaborated, “I showed side boob. I don’t need to show ass. You get one or the other. You don’t get both.” Ha, okay, then. I guess that must mean she's taking herself out of the running for Ana?!


Okay, sure, there's some assumption involved in drawing that conclusion. But despite being the sassy, sexy brunette who recently posed topless on the cover of Esquire, it sounds like she may not yet be ready to strip down for an NC-17 rated flick. And whoever is cast as Ana HAS to be completely comfortable baring boobs, booty, the whole package! 

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But Mila passing on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie isn't the worst news ever, really. Don't get me wrong -- I totally adore her! Think she's gorgeous, hilarious, and I adore that she's a fellow petite (Jewish! Russian!) brunette with a sassy, no-nonsense 'tude. But is she really right for the role of Ana?  Ehhhh. Sorry, no. She's TOO sassy. And too mature -- not in the Helen Mirren sense that Hollywood likes to use that word, but in a polished, grown-up, almost-30-year-old woman way that doesn't exactly scream doe-eyed, naive college student.

In short, it was never really the role for her. And she can do better! Probably still while maintaining that "boob" to "ass" ratio she's a stickler on.

Do you think Mila is really in the running to play Ana? What actress do you think would be up for baring it all?


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