Robert Pattinson Turns Into a Bad Boy in Steamy New Movie Role

Robert PattinsonHe's currently in Australia filming The Rover, a "futuristic thriller," but it sounds like Robert Pattinson has another edgy movie role lined up once he's finished Down Under.

A source says that Rob is set to star in a film called Hold On to Me alongside actress Carey Mulligan. The jist of the flick is pretty simple -- it's about a woman who holds her rich boyfriend for ransom. Duh, Rob will supposedly play the rich boyfriend (who also happens to be a drug dealer), and Carey will play the woman holding him hostage in the hopes of scoring some decent cash.

Based on a few of the alleged scenes between them, however, it sounds like Rob's character is more than willing to be her prisoner -- and things are going to get pretty steamy.


According to Brad Inglesby (a dude who says he knows the script), Rob's character and Carey's character will even get down and dirty in a swimming pool under the moonlight. (That's hot.)

Ok, please tell me I'm not the only one who is already excited to see this film, and please tell me I'm not alone in thinking "bad ass" roles are much more well suited for Rob than his Edward Cullen role ever was.

I love the Twilight series just as much as the next fan, but it's just such a refreshing change to hear about Rob taking on roles that are more mature, tougher to portray, and more human, if we're being honest.

By accepting much edgier roles, Rob is doing himself a huge favor. Portraying these types of characters is really the only way he's going to lose his Twilight connection and move on in his career.

Yeah, yeah, I know he'll always be Edward in a sense, but if he wants to be known as a serious actor, he has to break out of the vampire mold and get people to take him seriously. And if this new flick doesn't do the trick, nothing will.

Do you prefer seeing Rob in more serious roles?


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