New 'Byzantium' Trailer Takes the Vampire Genre to Deliriously Dysfunctional Heights (VIDEO)

byzantiumRemember last week when we told you about some new vampire flicks coming soon to help get you through your Twilight withdrawal? One of the most promising on the list, at least in my opinion, is Byzantium. First of all, it was directed by Neil Jordan, the man behind the moody masterpiece Interview With a Vampire (which was so spot-on even author Anne Rice approved) with a script from screenwriter/playwright Moira Buffini (Jane Eyre).

Second of all, ethereally lovely stars Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan seem to be perfectly cast as mother and daughter vamps Clara and Eleanor (supporting cast members include Sam Riley and Jonny Lee Miller).

But the most intriguing thing about Byzantium?


This film will virtually create an entirely new sub-genre of vampire cinema: The Mommy Dearest category. How often do we get to see the immortal mother/daughter dynamic explored? Pretty much never. And from the looks of this trailer, these ladies could use a little therapy:

See? Intense! But also very, very pretty.

Are you psyched to see Byzantium?

Image via joblomovienetwork/YouTube

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