Robert Pattinson Is Feeling Lonely in Australia Without Kristen & It’s Good for Him

robert pattinsonYou guys, Robert Pattinson is LONELY all the way out there in Australia. Or so we hear. We're all still trying to figure out whether or not Robert and Kristen Stewart are still together, doing a "trial" separation, or completely broken up. So many rumors!

But one thing is for sure. There's no lovin' happening for Robert while he films The Rover in Adelaide and the surrounding area. Even if Robert and Kristen are still together, it's so hard for them to keep in touch with that 18-hour time difference. But maybe that's a good thing for him.


A source tells Radar Online Rob is “not the best at sending texts, or keeping in touch in the first place. Kristen is angry with him because she thinks he’s not giving her enough attention -- it’s absolutely killing her.” Supposedly, Rob's focusing on work and reevaluating his relationship with Kristen.

Well good for him! He's had one hellish year, after all. It's only been since the summer that his love life was splattered all over the tabloids. Just in time for the last Twilight film to premiere and for all those excruciating photo ops and interviews. Ugh, I'm breaking my usual rule of not feeling sorry for movie stars just for RPattz.

But only for the previous six or so months. If Robert's lonely now, I think that's great. Really! Loneliness teaches people a lot about themselves and their relationships.

Rob absolutely needs some time far, far, FAR away, not just from Kristen, but from the whole Hollywood circus. I suspect he's getting a lot out of his peace and solitude. Does he miss Kristen? Maybe. Maybe not. It might surprise him how well he can cope without her. Or maybe he'll realize he does need her after all. Either way, Robert will be the better for it.

Do you think Robert and Kristen will be stronger than ever when he returns from Australia, or could this really be the end?


Image via Splash News

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