Nina Dobrev's Crazy Sparkly Dress at Critics' Choice Awards Would Make Christian Grey Cringe

Nina DobrevWhoa! Did you get a load of Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev's super-sparkly green dress at the Critics' Choice Awards last night? Actually, if you did tune in for the show, I'm not sure how you could've missed this little number.

Yeah, yeah, overall she looks gorgeous, but that's just because she's Nina Dobrev. She could literally wear a burlap sack and still manage to turn heads.

But seriously, if that dress had been worn by anyone other than Nina, it would've been the laughing stock of the night for sure. Heck, even the Little Mermaid couldn't have pulled off this frock -- that's how crazy the style is. (Love her shoes, though.)


If I had to accurately sum up this look, I think I'd describe it as a "prom dress gone horribly wrong." I mean, doesn't it resemble something you'd expect to see awkwardly moving about the dance floor of a high school gym back in 1985? (Or perhaps hovering over the punch bowl?)

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And it's hard not to wonder what Nina's main squeeze, Ian Somerhalder, thought of her little get-up. Even though the Fifty Shades of Grey movie hasn't been cast yet, a lot of people already associate Ian with Christian Grey -- and I'm just not sure this dress quite fits with what we'd expect someone like him to find appealing. (Can you picture Christian's face if Ana showed up in something like this?)

I think the color of the dress is what really throws off the entire look. If it were black, it could totally work. Actually, a black version would be really, really sexy, and it would get rid of the teen, prom queen vibe too.

(When in doubt, always stick to black, ladies.)

What do you think of Nina's dress?


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