Anne Hathaway Deserves No Oscar This Year ... But This Actress Does! (VIDEO)

fantineAnne Hathaway got an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress everybodeee! For her incredible performance as Fantine, the tragic prostitute in Les Miserables. It's over. She wins. Because! Of the Hollywood Great Actress Equation:

Major physical transformation + making everyone cry + convincing accent and/or singing = OSCAR FOR YOU.

So, Anne can haz Oscar now? She lost all that weight, and she cut off all her pretty hair, and she even made snot. She made snot while singing, people! That's super-acting. Right?

Not so fast ...


This is an award for acting. Not for cutting your hair or starving yourself or even singing. And it's not an award for allowing mucus to run down your face, either. That Anne Hathaway did all those things does make for a compelling performance, that's for sure. But does it make her a great actress?

What about Sally Field in Lincoln? That actress had to hold her own against the formidable acting genius Daniel Day-Lewis (who is going to win best actor, so don't even bother showing up, the rest of you guys). Sally's Mary Todd Lincoln was annoying sometimes, exasperating, and then inspiring, and then calculating, and then arrogant, then passionately indignant. Sally Field showed impressive range and gave a complex and not always likeable character humanity and depth -- and that's acting, folks.

Oh yeah, and she had to gain 40 pounds for the role, which I think is scarier than losing weight for a role. But that's neither here nor there.

Anne Hathaway's performance was impressive. I'm a big fan. And she'll probably win, too. But if I had a vote, I'd award the Oscar to Sally Field.

Who do you think will win the Oscar this year?


Image via LesMisMovie/Facebook

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