Farrah Abraham’s '50 Shades of Grey' Sex Novel Idea Sounds Hilariously Offensive

Farrah Abraham 'Teen Mom'Farrah Abraham has been making some interesting decisions lately. Ever since she pulled the trigger and invested a load of money on plastic surgery, I feel like her decision-making skills have been slightly affected. There was that whole waxing Sophia's eyebrows thing, and now the Teen Mom star may just have her heart set on writing a Fifty Shades of Grey-like romance novel. Yes, really.

But just wait, it gets better. On Sulia she told her fans all about the scandalous titles she has dreamt up already. Her top choices: Ballistic (For the Love of Balls) and Cumlotty (For the Love of Fraternity and Young Professionals). Man, I wish I was joking too.

Could Farrah Abraham be the next E. L. James? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say eh, not so much.


I'll be real: It's not like James' book is the best piece of fiction ever written. However, it's readable. So readable in fact that it sold 20 million copies in just over four months. Once the storyline caught on, she gained fans instantly who wanted to dream up their very own version of Christian Grey.

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For Farrah, though, her title suggestions alone make me wonder what on earth she would put inside this little romance book of hers. Like come ON -- Becky Becky (For the Love of Dark Chocolate Lovers) is just about as offensive as you can get. If she's convinced that these are "funny yet scandalous," I can only envision what the text of her books will read like. He reached down to touch my leg and I immediately told him I wanted to pounce on him like I want to pounce on Ryan Gosling, if he was black, because I'm more into black men.

At least that's how it goes down in my head. Listen, I wish the best of luck to Farrah. I just hope that if she does channel her inner E. L. and writes a sexy book, she has a great editor to help her along.

Would you read Farrah's sexy literature? Do you think she has what it takes to write an adult novel?


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