'Evil Dead' Remake Trailer Is So Twisted Even Horror Fans May Freak Out (VIDEO)

Evil DeadI admit it, Evil Dead remake, I was skeptical. HIGHLY skeptical. After all, it just seemed like a terrible, frustrating, typically Hollywood idea to reboot a classic horror film beloved by so many. Who could possibly touch the performance of the incomparable Bruce Campbell? What sort of watered-down lamestrocities could a non-Sam-Raimi director bring to the table? Gosh, entertainment industry, why don't you just go ahead and shit all over John Carpenter's The Thing while you're at it! (Oh wait.) 

But holy crap, Evil Dead, with your ballsy claim of being "the most terrifying film you will ever experience," now that I've seen the official red band -- i.e., mature audiences only, and trust me, they are not kidding with that warning -- trailer, you have my attention.


Before we get to the trailer itself, a little backstory: this new Evil Dead doesn't feature Bruce Campbell's fantastic character Ash, but Campbell's on board as a producer, along with Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert -- the original Dead creative trifecta.

The story is similar to the 1981 version: a group of teen pals go to a creepy cabin in the woods, mess with a mysterious demon book, and conjure up a bunch of seriously bad shit. In the trailer, you can see moments that pay homage to the original, including an arm that meets up with a chainsaw, and a possessed tree with extremely unpleasant intentions. According to director Federico Alvarez (who wrote the script along with Raimi and, awesomely, Diablo Cody):

There are some things that people who never saw the original will enjoy but there are a lot of hints out of the original and there are a lot of very small details that you have to be an 'Evil Dead' freak to notice. There's a lot of those, all the time.

Sweet! But for those looking for more of the campy dark humor that made the classic Dead trilogy such a cult hit, it's definitely not present in this trailer. Instead, they've upped the gore factor to 11, with, among other things, a wincingly nauseating scene of a girl splitting her tongue in half with a utility knife.

As The Huffington Post put it,

There are two types of people in the world: those who want to watch the new red band trailer for "Evil Dead" and those who would rather saw their own boil-covered arm off with a rusty saw.

In other words, you've been warned. This trailer's not for everyone. It's violent and completely gruesome and if you've got kids nearby you'll want to send them far, far, FAR away before watching this video.

Still up for it? Here you go:

Well, what do you think, horror fans? Will you be seeing this new Evil Dead when it comes out on April 12?

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