Ricky Gervais Stars in ‘Muppets’ Movie Sequel & We Fear for Kermit (VIDEO)

ricky gervaisTerrifying news, Muppets fans: The next Muppets movie will star Ricky Gervais. Yes, Ricky Gervais, the mean, snarky comedian famous for giving everyone at the Golden Globes a sour stomach. The mean, snarky comedian from the original British version of The Office. The mean, snarky comedian with actual fang teeth. Oh my lord, they're letting him near those dear, sweet puppets. I'm concerned!

At first, the very idea of putting the Muppets anywhere near that cruel man made me clutch my pearls in fear. But after a few whiffs of my smelling salts, I reconsidered. Actually, this is brilliant. Ricky Gervais and the Muppets are a perfect combination.


(I have those exact same fang teeth, by the way; so much for our supposedly superior American orthodontics. Anyway.)

Don't you think there's something Muppet-like about Ricky Gervais? Take a look at him in Google Image and see. He does that loopy open-mouth smile a lot. And he has that semi-crazed look in his eyes, kind of like Animal. And he grabs things. Can't you see him grabbing a Muppet around the neck? In an affectionate way, of course.

Plus the Muppets are always better with an edgy foil. We loved sweet Jason Segel and Amy Adams, but my favorite scenes were the ones with Chris Cooper. Ricky Gervais is exactly the kind of wicked that will make all the Muppets shine. And I'm sure he'll be on his best behavior. I mean, check out how generous Ricky was in his tweet this morning:

I have just signed up to play the lead in the next Muppet Movie. I have the biggest trailer but Kermit will spend some time in my sink.

The movie will also have cameos by Jack Black and David Grohl, plus music by Bret McKenzie. He's the guy from Flight of the Conchords who wrote the last Muppet Movie's Oscar-winning song, "Man or Muppet." Anyway, we had to grab this video from Entertainment Weekly because it's Ricky at his most Muppet-like.

What do you think about Ricky Gervais starring in the next Muppet Movie?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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