Chace Crawford Could Be a Better Christian Grey Than Ian Somerhalder

Chace CrawfordWith so many actors being thrown around to possibly be cast as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, it almost seems like there are very few names we haven't heard pop up. And after reading that Chace Crawford is supposedly under "serious consideration" for Christian's role, it's hard not to be a bit puzzled as to why no one has pegged him as a contender yet.

Well, almost no one has said they'd like to see Chace play Christian. Actress Lauren Watson, who is interested in Anastasia Steele's role, listed Chace as one of her ideal Christians should she manage to snag the part.


Um, hello? Am I the only one who thinks Chace might be the right guy for the job, given the fact that he's gorgeous-as-all-hell, and at 27, he's really the perfect age to portray Christian -- not too young, not too old?!?

Ok, confession time. For the longest time, I used to get him confused with Ian Somerhalder. C'mon, don't you think they look a bit alike? Ian's name has been at the top of the Fifty Shades casting radar for quite some time, but at 34, some might think he's a little bit too old to play Christian.

In the event that Ian is passed over because of his age, Chace could swoop in and steal the show as the perfect consolation prize, because he's basically just a younger version of Ian.

He's got the same dreamy blue eyes, similar facial features, what appears to be almost the same haircut, and then there's the whole mysterious vibe. He could so pull off Christian. I just know it.

Call me crazy, but I'm really thinking casting directors ought to take a good look at Chace before the ideal Christian Grey slips through their fingers.

Do you think Chace would make a good Christian?


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