'Man of Steel' Trailer Introduces the Sexiest Superman Yet (VIDEO)

man of steelIt's been a generation since Christopher Reeve brought Superman to life on the big screen: Hunky on the outside, sweet and ethical on the inside, and still irresistibly sexy in his nerd glasses despite (because of?) all that stammering. Now Superman is back in Zach Snyder's film Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill. It's coming to theaters in June, but the first trailer has just flown in!


Epic! A superhero movie for Our Time. And as such -- we have yet another angsty superhero. I know Christopher Reeve's Superman was angsty, too. He longs to understand the nature of his powers, their purpose, and he gets really pissed when he finds out he's not supposed to consort with mortals. But he still had his sunny side. This Superman looks even darker.

But hey, I'm just quibbling. Of course I'll see this movie anyway. I mean, action-packed thrill-ride with a side of Henry Cavill? Yes, please!

Do you think you'll see Man of Steel?


Image via WarnerBrosPictures/YouTube

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