Your '50 Shades' Obsession Is Making the Holiday VERY Happy for These Lucky Employees

Hey, if you ever feel just a tad guilty about all of that money you spent on that Fifty Shades of Grey boxset, the branded furry handcuffs, the Fifty Shades vacay to rainy Portland, and the Fifty Shades classical DVD, not to mention all the time you spent filling your brain with visions of horny humping rabbits Christian and Anastasia, relax, peeps! It's alllll good. You made some publishing types really, really happy this holiday season.


Fifty Shades has been such a sensational money-maker for its publisher, Random House, that every single person who works there -- even the janitors probably -- is getting a $5,000 bonus this holiday. I've been in publishing a long time. Trust me when I say I've never gotten a $5,000 bonus. I think in my top year I was able to buy a pair of jeans with my bonus. And that was several years ago.

Several thousand people will be getting the bonus -- anyone who has worked at the company for over a year. Pretty amazing. Publishing houses are notoriously cheap. Trust me, I know. This is only right though, considering that Fifty Shades, scarily enough, outsells the Bible.

The other thing I'm hoping will happen as a result of the Fifty Shades bonanza is that Random House will take it upon itself to publish quality fiction and non-fiction that may not sell so well, but that will be supplemented by the Fifty Shades mega-profits. Something like 99 percent of books don't make a profit, so that shouldn't be that hard.

As someone who still hasn't read the book and has no desire to, I'm still in the dark about the appeal of this book. But with publishing in dire trouble, it's at least good to know that one publisher, Random House, will probably ride into the next century with plenty of money to spare.

Are you glad to know your Fifty Shades money went to help publishing employees?


Image via RachelKramerBusseldotcom/Flickr

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