Channing Tatum's Shocking Announcement Means He Won't Play Christian Grey

channing tatum sexiest man aliveDo you hear that? It's the sound of women screaming on the streets. Channing Tatum says he's taking a break from acting. Taking a break? Channing, is it really just "a break" or are you breaking up with us?!? Tell me! They just made you "Sexiest Man Alive" and you go on hiatus? (Also: Channing acts? I jest, I jest.)

Was it our Men Sexier Than Channing slideshow? We didn't mean it! Yes we did.

Well, I guess you all know what this means. Channing Tatum will not be playing Christian Grey in Fifty  Shades of Grey. Strike him from the very, very long possible casting list! I weep.


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Maybe he's going on hiatus because, unbeknownst to us and all the tabloids, E. L. James turned him down for Christian already -- as punishment for saying he'd play Christian only if his wife could play Ana. Asking for trouble, Channing! (Mmm, punishment ...) And Channing would have made the perfect Christian, too.

Well crap, today is just a disappointing day in entertainment. First I learn Charles Schulz used Charlie Brown drawings to woo a woman in an illicit affair. Then I witness the first few seconds of this horrific video of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John singing a new holiday duet. (My ears! My eyes! Make it stop!) And now this?

If it's any consolation, at least there's still a few more Channing movies coming out in the next year or so. Then he's ditching us in 2013 because he wants to DIRECT. He's working on a few projects with his producing buddy Reid Carolin. Ugh, every time an actor says what he really wants to do is direct, a baby Pegasus loses its wings. How inconsiderate. What about what the FANS want? Huh? Big tease!

Will you miss Channing Tatum while he goes on an acting hiatus?


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