New '50 Shades of Grey' Game May Leave Your Guests All Hot & Bothered

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this hit store shelves -- yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is now a Fifty Shades of Grey party game on the market.


And you're probably thinking the same thing that I was when I first heard about it -- "Geez! You know you're in the midst of a very kinky party when someone busts out a board game themed around all things BDSM."

(Sound about right?)

But as it turns out, the actual object of the Fifty Shades of Grey game may surprise you -- because it's meant to be played with a group of people, not just two. (Scandalous.)

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Ok, so here's how the game is supposed to play out. According to an Imagine Entertainment Press Release:

All players listen to the vanilla-style question before secretly voting on which of the eight predetermined friends they believe is best matched to the question. When everyone’s ready the answers are revealed for all to see! Once all the ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ have died down, any player who picked the same friend as the reader wins an Inner Goddess token. [...] The first player to collect 20 tokens wins the game.

Huh. So basically this is just a fancy version of "let's see who knows who the best" or something along those lines.

Am I the only one who's a little disappointed? I mean, if I'm going to shell out almost $30 for an adult board game, I want some sexy and racy stuff thrown into the mix. Heck, from this description, it sounds like a good old-fashioned round of Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle would turn up the heat in the room more than this thing.

But then again, maybe some of the questions could have the potential to liven things up a bit, especially if a few bottles of wine are consumed while playing. And then maybe taking part in a few rounds of the Fifty Shades board game combined with the booze will lead to a different kind of Fifty Shades party later in the night, if you catch my drift. (Maybe this game is kinkier than it appears.)

Will you buy this game for your next group gathering?


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