Robert Pattinson's '50 Shades of Grey' Confession Confirms He'll Never Be Christian Grey

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson must feel free as a bird. Now that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is out and doing amazingly well, he's finally making his way out from under the thumbs of Twilight publicists. Meaning he doesn't have to worry as much about constantly doing or saying the Right Thing. Meaning he can talk about how he really feels -- even about something as R- (or come on, perhaps X-) rated as Fifty Shades of Grey movie ...

Speaking to U.K. publication The Mirror, RPatz admitted, "I've only read bits of [Fifty Shades of Grey]." All right, so we kinda knew that already. But then he went on to talk about the film's casting ...


Rob observed:

It’s funny seeing all these other actors so openly vying for it. I’ve never seen that happen before.

Ha, no kidding! Rob's so right. It's really bizarre what a phenomenon this casting process has become with so many actors openly campaigning for the roles. Like Ian Somerhalder, who has been making such a serious play for the role of Christian, you'd almost think he should be handed it for being so seriously aggressive about it! 

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In the end though, will it really come down to which actors have been vying so openly and so vocally? Will casting directors really care if an actor has said they'd like to throw their hat in the ring? Dunno 'bout that. It's probably more likely going to come down to whoever really matches the Christian the execs saw in their mind when reading the book ... and whoever matches the Christian E.L. James dreamed of.

Oh wait! That was Rob, though, right? Too bad he couldn't seem to care less about the part (and E.L. James doesn't want him anyway). Oh well. While his peers grapple for the Fifty Shades lead, Rob must really be smirking to himself. After all, he's so beyond playing Christian, having, in a way, already played him.

Who's your favorite actor who has openly said they would like to be in the Fifty Shades movie?


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