'Breaking Dawn 2' Is Living up to the Hype at the Box Office

Breaking Dawn 2Talk about Twi-hard power. The much-hyped movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 is bringing it home at the box office this weekend with record-breaking earnings.

Studio execs are estimating that earnings between Thursday, when it debuted, and this weekend will ring in around $141.3 million in the United States, and a total of $340.9 million if theatres around the world are included. Ka-ching! That's just below what New Moon brought in during its opening weekend in 2009 ($142.8 million) but more than Breaking Dawn Part 1 ($138.1 million).

To put it in perspective with other movies in history, according to E!, if this estimate is accurate, Breaking Dawn 2 will be the eighth largest opening weekend on record. Not too shabby. As for this year, however, it comes in behind three other movies with even bigger opening weekends. Any guesses as to what they were?


The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hunger Games. It's interesting that of the 10 all-time opening weekends, four of them may be from 2012. It hasn't felt like a great year for movies to me as a whole, but there sure have been some big ones.

As for Breaking Dawn 2, there seems to be no signs that enthusiasm for the movie is dying down. Despite mixed reviews, people are turning out in droves to see it. Probably because those committed to the series couldn't care less what anyone else thinks, but want to need to see it for themselves ... at least once.

Personally, I haven't seen it ... yet. I read the first Twilight book, and never got around to the rest since then. But now that all is said and done, I'm intrigued and want to see how it all ends.  Plus, I hate feeling left out. So armed with Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cheat Sheet, I'm going to add my $10 to the earnings and see this surprise ending that has everyone raving.

Have you seen Breaking Dawn 2 yet? Was it worth the hype? Has anyone seen it that didn't see the rest of the movies -- and if so, did it make sense?


Image via Breaking Dawn

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