New '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer Has Surprising Stars Playing Christian & Ana (VIDEO)

amanda seyfriedHow do Fifty Shades of Grey fans busy themselves well before the release of the film? By making fan-made trailers of course! There's no end in sight to the YouTube featurettes, which have mostly starred many of the same fan faves -- like Alexis Bledel, Ian Somerhalder, Lucy Hale, etc. -- in the lead roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. But it's clearly time to add a couple of other names to the mix, thanks to a new trailer starring two newcomers to the Fifty fold: Amanda Seyfried and Garrett Hedlund.

Come on, now, even you die-hard Ian campaigners can take a time-out to see how Amanda and Garrett fit the coveted parts ...


So, I initially wasn't convinced Lil' Ms. Blondie Seyfried -- whose most memorable part as far as I'm concerned was inarguably as hilariously ditzy Karen Smith ("I have a fifth sense ... it's like I have ESPN or something!" bhahaha) -- could play mousy, wide-eyed, and oh-so-innocent Anastasia. But you know what? Now I could buy it. She's definitely got the tormented look down! And Garrett Hedlund? Hello! I had forgotten what a hottie he was in Country Strong. And oh yeah, I guess TRON: A Legacy, too, right? Those eyes! That copper-ish hair! He could toootally be Christian.

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And whoa, how 'bout that supporting cast? Lucy Hale as Mia makes a lot of sense! And wait, The ROCK as Taylor?! Hells yeah! This trailer-maker may have more game than I initially gave him/her credit ... They should be called into a Fifty Shades production meeting stat!

How do you feel about the "casting" in this trailer?

Image via 50ShadesCasting/YouTube

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