Rumer Willis Reads '50 Shades': Let the Rumors That She'll Play Anastasia Begin!

Rumer WillisJust when we thought pretty much every young, brunette actress in Hollywood had been brought up as a potential contender for the role of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, yet another famous name has been added to the list of girls vying for the part.

Rumer Willis was caught reading Fifty Shades Freed while hanging out on the beach with her boyfriend, Jayson Blair, in Miami -- and now she's popped up on the radar screen as a potential Anastasia. Because if she's a fan of the series, then she just HAS to be after the part, right?


Oh, for crying out loud! Just because she's reading the books doesn't necessarily mean she's interested in playing Ana. I highly doubt that she chose to bring that book to the beach with her in the hopes that the paparazzi would capture shots of her reading it and pass them on to the Fifty Shades of Grey casting directors. Can't a girl sit down and relax with a good beach read without people jumping to conclusions? (Gah!)

But wait a minute -- you have to admit, Rumer does fit the part of Anastasia physically speaking. And she has a bit of an edge about her, which would probably give her a leg up on some of the competition as far as snagging the part goes. Huh. Maybe she should consider it after all? There are a lot worse people who could be thrown into this role -- and she may just have what it takes to give a perfect "performance."

Do you think Rumer would make a good Anastasia?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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