5 Celebrity Hotties Gone '50 Shades of Grey' & Looking Hotter Than Ever (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Nov 14, 2012 Movies

Ben affleckIt can make a man look more distinguished and handsome and, despite the fact it happens when they age, even sexier. It's gray hair -- that salt and pepper look that shows maturity along with appeal -- and no one is wearing it better right now than Ben Affleck. The older he gets, the better looking he gets -- and his talents seem to be getting better, too. Not only is he an incredible dad who encourages all women to breastfeed for their health and the child's, Ben's role as actor, director, and co-writer in The Town was impeccable. And he's at it again, directing and starring in Argo.

Of course, Affleck's not the only silver fox to lust after. Check out the men who made our sexy 50 shades of gray hair list.


Photos via SplashNews

  • George Clooney


    This list wouldn't be complete without George Clooney, a man who really got hotter the more gray he got.

  • Barack Obama


    Maybe you didn't vote for President Barack Obama for a second term, but you cannot deny the man is extremely attractive. He loves our country, loves his family, and is embracing those sexy grays.

  • Anderson Cooper


    Winning extra cute points for being so gray it's just about white, Anderson Cooper has the wit, just the right about of muscles, and those ice blue eyes. Gorgeous!

  • Eric Dane


    Eric Dane's gray hair further proves how McSteamy he really is -- and we can't help but credit the gray ... and his anatomy.

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