'Skyfall' Is Best, Best James Bond Movie Ever, Says James Bond (VIDEO)

skyfallThere's an awful lot of hype over the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall. Even James Bond himself is raving over it! Well, one of them, anyway. Sir Roger Moore, who played 007 seven times himself, says in an interview with People, "in my opinion [Skyfall] is the best, best Bond of all -- and Daniel Craig, I am full of admiration for him."

The end! Just go see it.

I'm kidding. But it's actually surprising because Daniel Craig's James Bond is so different from past Bonds. He's less elegance, more action. Less martini, more tequila shots with live scorpions -- or so I've heard. Here's what else I've been hearing about Skyfall that makes me want to see it -- even though it's unlike past Bond movies.


1. He doesn't mope around in Skyfall like he did in Quantum of Solace. I loved Casino Royale -- SO MUCH. But it ends on kind of a downer (dead girlfriend, first Bond girl we've ever been asked to care about since Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969) and I'd read that Quantum was all about Bond in mourning. So I skipped it. What a relief to hear that though Bond begins Skyfall drinking he kind of seems over his dead girlfriend finally.

2. Javier Bardem plays Julian Assange, complete with white hair in a ponytail and hackerish tendencies. Okay, not really Assange -- he plays former 00 agent Raoul Silva. But he sounds like the kind of gloriously eccentric Bond villain we all love. Plus, he flirts with 007! How 2012 of him.

3. Adele sings the Skyfall theme. I guess technically this isn't a reason to see the movie since you can hear the song anyway, but I think it definitely falls in the movie's favor.

4. There's a funny scene with a Komodo dragon. I don't know anything beyond that. Just that it's funny, and there's a Komodo dragon. Shrug.

5. Sam Medes directs, and according reviewer Marlow Stern, "Mendes does a great job of exploring 007's twisted psyche... Mendes really cuts to the core of not only Bond's lingering issues stemming from being an orphan, but the pair's [as in Bond and M] resulting complicated mother-son relationship." 

6. Shower scene with Daniel Craig and Bond Girl Severine. The other Bond girl gets to shave him. Enough said.

Are you planning to see Skyfall?


Image via Skyfall Movie.com

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