Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Trailer Depicts the Gruesome Zombie Apocalypse We Always Imagined (VIDEO)

world war zOH MA GAAA! The zombie apocalypse is here, and it's just as horrifying as I'd always imagined! We are SO not ready for this, people. So not ready. Generators and bottled water are not going to cut it. Do you even own a pitchfork? Well, all I can say is, good thing the zombie apocalypse is just make-believe! For now, anyway. Check out the trailer for the latest zombie flick, World War Z starring Brad Pitt. Are you brave enough to watch it?


Yep, that's how I always knew it would start. You're stuck in traffic, hopefully with all your family members because someone needs to hear you scream. Things get a little weird -- and then they get A LOT weirder as you realize you're under attack from zombies! Also, we all picture Brad Pitt as our husband, right? Because, duh.

Anyway, I think the creepiest thing about this trailer is the way the zombie swarms move. It kind of reminds me of a wriggling mass of maggots or a swarm of ants. Ugh! Not just scary, but also kind of gross, too. And definitely a genius move -- rather than just the usual close-up of hideous, falling-apart bodies, you get this fresh, equally hideous view of the monsters moving together. And it really drives home the idea of a growing menace. There's so many of them!

Man, it's going to be a relief to see Brad Pitt kill off all those zombies and return home to Mireille Enos and the kids (you'll recognize her from AMC's series The Killing). I'm just telling myself that now, because I don't know if I could see this movie otherwise.

Do you want to see World War Z?


Image via World War Z Movie/Facebook

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