'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Calls Fan Fiction -- Like '50 Shades of Grey' -- 'A Bit Sad'

stephenie meyerIf summer 2012 was characterized by Fifty Shades of Grey fever, fall 2012 is all about the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 ballyhoo! With the premiere of the epic finale upon us, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is back in the spotlight, and of course there are reporters who just can't help themselves and asked her if she's read/how she feels about the successful erotic trilogy ...

Acknowledging Access Hollywood's bold inquiry, Stephenie spoke openly about the BDSM love story inspired by her vampire love story ...


The author said:

No, it's really not my kind of book -- not my thing. But, you know, anytime somebody is out there being creative, that's great.

Suuuuure she feels that way. Certainly sounds passive-aggressive to me. "Being creative" is probably just Stephenie's euphemism for "ripping me off!" Maybe I get the impression she's not all that thrilled with E.L. James' success because of the way she talks about Twilight fan fiction in general, which -- surprise! -- she does admit to reading ...

I have read some fan fiction years ago and I found it really like, kind of cool. These people had these stories. I felt it was a little bit sad that they were doing them in a way where [the stories] weren't theirs, but I feel like all those people, they're practicing and their going to write their book, it's going to come out of them eventually.

In other words, she probably pities people who can't come up with their own original concept and are just playing around, "practicing." Well, you know, fair enough. If I were her and someone like E.L. James came long, making serious bank on a story that had initially been written as a sexed-up version of my book, I'd be feelin' at least a lil' snarky too. Nonetheless, given the popularity of BD2 -- and royalties she'll be getting for YEARS to come -- I'm sure she doesn't need to worry one bit about Fifty Shades of Grey blowing up her spot.

How would you feel about Fifty Shades if you were Stephenie Meyer?

Image via Sheri Reed

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