'Avatar' Star Sam Worthington Arrested & Hey, He’s Not Blue in His Mugshot

sam worthington mug shotOMG, did you hear? Sam Worthington has been arrested for fighting! You know, Sam Worthington. The guy. From the movie AVATAR! I think? He was the paralyzed soldier who became a blue person, but not really... Wait a minute, lemme look him up on IMDB... Yup, there it is: He played Jack Sully in Avatar. Oh how much we forget in just three years. Too bad his name isn't Robert Schmattinson or everyone would be all over this story!

But back to Sam and his fightin' ways -- he was arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct at a restaurant in Atlanta called Vortex. Bouncers there wouldn't let him in because he didn't have ID and because he seemed to drunk anyway. Worthington allegedly shoved the doorman twice, the doorman pepper-sprayed Worthington, and the police arrived to carry him away. And I can't help but wonder -- was there a point that night when Sam waved his hand at the doorman and said "I see you!"


You know, because that's what they say in Avatar? Heh. That would be kind of fitting, like a joke on that cliche celeb line, "Don't you know who I AM?!?" I wonder if anyone recognized him. I mean, Sam did spend most of Avatar in blue makeup. Honestly, I wouldn't recognize him myself -- not with that hair. Sure does suck to be famous for being in a movie where you don't look even remotely like yourself!

In fact, I wonder if he could have gotten into Vortex if he'd been in his Avatar costume. "Hey, it's me! Sam Worthington, star of Avatar!" "Oh hell yeah, come right on in!" He does look over 21 so the fuss over the ID was kind of silly.

Anyway, I was pleased to hear the charges against him were dropped. The person who was going to witness against him didn't show up. Because why would you testify against the guy who saved Pandora?

Would you recognize Worthington as the star of Avatar if you just saw him like this?


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