New ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ Sneak Peek Pokes Fun At The Vampire ‘Life’ (VIDEO)

twilight kristen stewartWe’re counting down the days now until Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premieres, and Summit Entertainment continues to whet our appetites with new trailers, featurettes, and even clips from the forthcoming flick. The latest: A scene in which the Cullens are teaching Bella — who as you’ll recall is just learning how to be a vampire — how to act like a human. And believe it or not, it’s actually really funny! I know, what?! A healthy dose of humor isn’t exactly what you expect going into a Twilight flick (especially not from Kristen Stewart) … But here it is:


Ha, awesome, right? Who doesn’t appreciate a little comic relief? And you know, this is exactly the kind of “moment” this highly-anticipated finale needs. With BD2 being the culmination of the series, it doesn’t exactly hurt for the filmmakers to poke a little fun at themselves. It’s not like Twi-hards will love them any less for it, right? In fact, they’ll love it, because they’re all in on the joke. In this case, the joke being that vampires may be super-powerful and charming and sexy, but they’re also TOTALLY DEAD! And have to fool humans with all these little tricks, like wearing contacts, “slowing down,” and making sure to blink. Too funny. Not to mention, this confirms what we’ve all suspected … Watching Vampire Bella get comfortable in her “new skin” will be totally epic.

Did this clip make you smirk? What are you most looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn: Part 2?

Image via RKanneable/YouTube

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