If 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Made Kellan Lutz Cry, We're in for a Real Sob-Fest (VIDEO)

Kellan LutzOMG. Can you believe we only have a few more weeks to go until the Twilight Saga officially comes to an end? Even though we've all read the books and know how the story goes, it will still be so exciting to see how things finally play out on-screen with the release of the last flick.

And considering Kellan Lutz admits Breaking Dawn Part 2 made him tear up and get butterflies in his stomach -- odds are good that we're in for a real emotional roller coaster when we head to the movie theater on November 16.


You can hear Kellan talking about how nostalgic he got at a screening of the film in this video clip:

Wow, sounds like he's not quite ready to let go of Emmett Cullen just yet, if ever -- which you have to admit is kind of adorable.

But considering just how much of a tough guy (actually tough vampire) he plays in the film, it's surprising how open Kellan was about how much watching the movie affected him.

Based on the clues he gave us as to what we can expect in the film, it sounds like even though it's pretty action packed, the tender moments between Bella and Edward and their interaction with their daughter Renesmee and the rest of the family will definitely leave a poignant mark on our hearts.

And of course, everyone is pretty intrigued as to how Kristen Stewart will fare as vampire Bella versus the girl we've known in the first three films. Even though Breaking Dawn is only a movie, it will be interesting to see how well received she is since fans know she messed up pretty bad when she cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders. It may prove tough for some to avoid getting pretty misty eyed watching them together, all while knowing there's a chance their real life love story won't be so eternal.

Are you planning on going to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 on opening day?


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