Sexy Brunette Wants Matt Bomer or Alexander Skarsgard as Christian Grey if She's Cast as Ana

Alexandra DaddarioShe's definitely not one of the more well-known names on the radar screen as of yet, but White Collar star Alexandra Daddario is on the list of contenders to play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie -- and she's already swooning over potential actors who might be cast as Christian Grey.

Actually, she's having a pretty tough time narrowing down the field as to who she'd like to star opposite with -- and she could hardly contain her excitement when speaking about a couple possibilities.


When asked about Christian's character, she said:

Oh my god! I mean that’s sort of like the crème de la crème of men. Pretty much anybody, I guess! I love Alexander Skarsgard, I love Matt Bomer. Really anyone. There are so many talented, great people out there.

Ok, so Alexander Skarsgard is a given, because any woman who says she wouldn't like to be cast as his sex slave is either totally out of her mind or doesn't have a pulse. (No vampire pun intended.)

And that brings us to Matt Bomer, because while some people think he's the perfect Christian Grey simply because he looks the part, others think the fact that he's gay may hinder his ability to get fully into character and make us believe he's turned on by Ana.

Of course, Alexandra Daddario has already played his on-screen love interest, so if anyone can defend his ability to portray a man interested in a woman, it's her, right? She says, "I think he'd be great. I don't think that should figure into whether someone gets a role or not."

Hmm. Plenty of gay actors have played straight roles in the past and vice versa, so I guess it really doesn't matter as long as whoever is cast as Christian is hot, has a great bod, and has a very commanding presence. (Honestly, what else is there as far as that role goes?)

What do you think of Alexandra Daddario as Anastasia? And who should play Christian if she is cast?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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