Brooke Burke Flaunts '50 Shades' Love in Public & Could Care Less Who's Watching

Brooke Burke

When she's not busy hosting Dancing With the Stars, Brooke Burke likes to unwind and relax just like the rest of us moms do -- by heading to the salon for a little primping and pampering. And of course, one of the best parts of relaxing at the hairdresser is indulging in a little bit of light reading.

And Brooke isn't shy at all about her book of choice at the moment, based on a tweet she posted yesterday. (Yep, she's a Fifty Shades fan.)


She said:

"In the hair salon, beauty day - loving a little selfish me time. Finally finishing Fifty Shades Freed!"

OMG. Am I the only one who can't get the visual picture of Brooke Burke sitting there under the dryer in the salon with her nose buried deep in the pages of Fifty Shades Freed out of my head?!? What a sight that must have been for the other patrons to see -- though at this point, I'm not sure anyone would even be fazed by seeing a mom (celebrity or not) reading erotica while having her roots touched up.

When Fifty Shades of Grey first came out, it's almost like women were afraid to admit they were into it, but now? It's pretty much become a standard part of our culture that women everywhere can't resist talking about -- without caring for one second about who's listening.

And while I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the books (well, because they pretty much suck), the series really has opened so many doors for women to be more comfortable and open with their sexuality and not be afraid of it. For now, I'll stick to magazines while getting a cut and color, but I'll be the last person to judge if I see someone reading Fifty Shades while having their hair blown out.

Are you shy about reading Fifty Shades in public?


Image via ABC

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