'50 Shades of Pink' for Breast Cancer Brings Christian & Ana Sex Appeal to the Cause

women in pink breast cancer awarenessThis Breast Cancer Awareness month has been filled with the usual pink ribbons, charity walks, and PSAs. But a new way of raising awareness debuted this year, inspired by one of the hottest selling book series. That's right: Fifty Shades of Grey. Obviously! So, how do you tie breast cancer awareness in to the BDSM love story? With Fifty Shades of PINK tees, of course!

The tees showed up this past weekend in Staten Island, where locals -- many of them survivors -- marched to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. The American Cancer Society estimated that more than 6,000 people were on hand for the 5-kilometer Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. And it was a group of participants from Staten Island University Hospital who were sporting the trendy new tees.


The Fifty Shades of Pink shirts feature pink ties, riffing on the cover of the best-selling first installment of E.L. James' series. Definitely a cute way to link the popular book, of which various participants in this walk must be fans, to breast cancer awareness.

Similarly, in Taunton, Massachusetts, about 50 cancer survivors and their supporters participated in an event they also called 50 Shades of Pink, where they splattered pink paint and made designs on canvasses, which will now hopefully serve as an inspiration to other patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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And in Hudson, Ohio, merchants have gone "50 Shades of Pink" throughout the month to support more than 50 organizations that fight breast cancer.

Those are just a few examples of how the theme has taken off during this year's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Guess it proves the Fifty Shades phenomenon isn't going anywhere fast. No matter how you feel about that, you gotta admit: The tie-in sure is a sexy new way to get us fired up about breast cancer awareness.

How do you feel about these "50 Shades of Pink" tie-ins to Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Image via Robert Neff/Flickr

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