Nina Dobrev Will Play Anastasia Steele in '50 Shades of Grey' on Two Conditions (VIDEO)

Nina DobrevIt may still be a bit too early to say for sure who will wind up snagging the leading roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie -- but after hearing Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev talk about Anastasia Steele's part and whether she's interested, it's looking more and more like she's a major contender.

And while her stunning good looks make her an obvious choice, it's clear that any interest Nina has in the film stems from all the right reasons.


While many actresses in Hollywood would likely jump all over the offer to play Ana if it came their way, Nina has a couple conditions that have to be met before she'll agree to take on the job.

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Check out this video clip to hear what she had to say.

Wow, she wants a good script AND a good director -- but if both those things are present, it looks like Nina Dobrev may just be the perfect Anastasia Steele. Since she's putting those two requirements above all the hype surrounding Fifty Shades, it proves what a serious actress she is, which is a good indication of just how seriously she'll take the role if she is cast as Ana.

And if she does wind up playing Anastasia Steele, the choice for Christian Grey is obvious -- her real-life love, Ian Somerhalder. Ian even joked about preparing for the role of Christian by turning his basement into a dungeon, so perhaps these two are already in cahoots to make a serious play for the parts?

Hmm. It's hard not to wonder how many "dress rehearsals" they've already had. (Oh, c'mon -- you know that exact thought went through your head too.)

Do you think Nina is the right choice for Ana's role?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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