Obama Talks '50 Shades' & Other 'Sexy Issues' With Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

obama jon stewartWhat did we expect from President Barack Obama's appearance on The Daily Show? Well, we expected it to be awesome -- and it was. We expected Jon Stewart to rib Obama about his somewhat lackluster performance during the first debate, and he did: "What happened?! Did you feel ... here's what happens to me sometimes. Sometimes I'll go on stage and I'll have, let's say, a turkey sandwich and a shot of NyQuil. And halfway through I'll look up and go, 'Are we on?'" We expected Obama to laugh and be a good sport about the whole thing, and he was: "Cute, John. Cute."

But we -- or at least I -- did NOT expect the President to bring up Fifty Shades of Grey. Say what?!


Let me explain. Earlier in the show, Stewart was talking about that whole women voters not getting "turned on" by the election nonsense, and he flashed the Fifty Shades cover onscreen. This came back to haunt him later when Obama was talking about changes he made to Bush-era policies.

"These are not sexy issues," Obama said.

"You don't know what I find sexy," Stewart objected. Obama laughed, then shot back:

"I saw you flash that Shades of Grey thing. I know what you've been reading. We're not going to go there. I'm still the president."

Ha! Okay, so maybe Obama isn't the biggest Fifty Shades fan out there. But the fact that he can joke around about a bondage bestseller with Jon Stewart just goes to show what a down-to-earth guy he really is. We feel like Obama connects with us on a personal level. And isn't that what everyone should want in a president?

It's what I want.

Did you see President Obama on The Daily Show?

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