'Paranormal Activity 4' Is So Scary Even the Trailer Gives You Chills (VIDEO)

Paranormal Activity 4As a huge fan of horror movies, I have always had a mixed relationship with the Paranormal Activity films. Sure, they are kind of scary and the first one was highly original. But now they have inspired so many crappy knock-offs and had so many sequels that the whole "found footage" thing just no longer works for me.

Sounds like I still need to see Paranormal Activity 4, though. Audiences are saying that it's the best ending of any of the movies so far. That's high praise.

My biggest complaint about the first three films is that you have to watch the whole movie before things start to get interesting. The endings of each of them have been strong. So the "scariest yet" means a lot. See the trailer below:


This one appears to be current and to take on what happened to Katie and Hunter once they disappeared from the second film. CRREEEPY.

You have to have a pretty scary movie when even the trailer gives you chills. Well done Paranormal! I can't wait to see it.

Sure, it's gimmicky at this point and even silly to a certain degree. But it still delivers, which is more than any other horror franchise's sequels have ever done. Really. I have seen them all and horror flicks are notorious for petering out slowly in the sequels.

It this one really sustains (and I will know for sure on Friday), then I have to give them credit for making the best horror series I can remember. Sure, it takes a lot to scare me, but I also like to be scared. I am willing. A movie doesn't have to try that hard to deliver. Most can't.

If this one can, I will be a happy girl. And from what audiences are saying, I have very high hopes.

Did you like the Paranormal flicks?

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