New ‘Carrie’ Trailer Looks Even Bloodier Than the Original (VIDEO)

CarrieEven if you're absolutely petrified of horror films (like me), you can't really say you like movies if you haven't seen Carrie. The classic original 1976 film, directed by Brian De Palma and based off of Stephen King's novel, thrust Sissy Spacek into the spotlight -- and most likely no one can ever forget the scene when she gets drenched in pig's blood. So Hollywood is doing what they do best: Make a remake of the classic.

The producers claim that the new film will be more faithful to King's first published novel, and as you can see in the teaser trailer, she does set her entire neighborhood on fire, which takes place in the book, not in the 1976 film. Her original story is a lot more dark and depressing than a girl who gets humiliated at prom. So, maybe this new take will be different enough from the original film to hold its own? After seeing the teaser, I'm kind of curious to check it out.


Here you go:

Looks like such a fun, lighthearted, carefree flick, doesn't it ...? Of course, I think most of us would agree that we'd love to see an original horror movie more than a remake (or reboot, or whatever the word is), but after reading the plot summary of Stephen King's novel and how different the original film was than the source material, this could be a refreshing, yet completely horrifying and violent, of course, version of the iconic story.

But still, the beautiful, drenched Chloe Grace Moretz is starring as Carrie White. In the book, Carrie was a bit overweight with acne and flat hair ... alas, I guess you can't have a good horror film without a sexy-looking lead actress. Julianne Moore is also starring as her mother, Margaret White. The film is scheduled to be released on March 15, 2013. The teaser certainly doesn't reveal much, but I'm curious to see more of the trailers as the release date gets closer!

Are you going to check out Carrie when it hits theaters next year? Did you like the teaser?


Image via ENTV/YouTube

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