Ryan Gosling Turns Up the Heat in New 'Gangster Squad' Trailer (VIDEO)

gangster squad
This is so obviously a romantic comedy

Hey Girl, introducing the NEW! Gangster Squad trailer, now with 50% more Ryan Gosling. Yaaay! Breaking Dawn what, Robert Pattinson who? I am so much more excited about this movie.

And as if the filmmakers sensed my fear that there would not be enough RyRy they've mixed up a new trailer in which we see way more of him and his storyline with Emma Stone. They kiss, they stare at each other longingly and lustfully, and Ryan does hero-ish things like shove Emma's head down while he shoots over it. Squee! I am loving this second Gangster Squad trailer so much more than the first. There's just one little thing...


It still kinda looks as if this is, like, an action flick? With, like, guns and things? Is it really? Because what I REALLY wanted was another rom-com starring Ryan and Emma Stone. Their chemistry was all spark and combustion in Crazy, Stupid, Inadvisable, Inappropriate, Inconceivable, Love and I think we need more of that.

Memo to the filmmakers: You've already pushed the release to January. Can't you also re-cut the film to make it the incredible love story of two Depression-era lovers in love who love each other in spite of all the Depression-era gangsters who don't believe in love, who at the end of the movie stop fighting and learn to love? P.S. it should end with a hilarious, mad-cap wedding.

And is it too late to turn Gangster Squad into a musical? Huh? I mean, I'll go see it regardless. I just thought I'd ask.

Would you like Gangster Squad better as an action movie with a little romance or a romance with a little action thrown in?


Image via Warner Bros.

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