'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Adds Sexy, Shirtless Hunk to List of Possible Christian Greys (VIDEO)

Scott ElrodIt's been such a hot topic of discussion for months, and now that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie actually has a screenwriter, it looks like we're finally getting closer to this flick actually happening. And that's why we're likely going to see more and more actors and actresses coming out of the woodwork and expressing their interest in playing the leading roles.

There are plenty of pretty big names vying for the parts of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele already, but that isn't stopping lesser known actors from trying to get a piece of the Fifty Shades of Grey pie. Some of them even have Facebook campaigns going to try and convince casting directors that they're the right fit for the job -- like actor Scott Elrod, for example.


(Don't feel bad. I hadn't heard of him either 'til he popped up on the Fifty Shades radar screen.)

Ok, so who exactly is Scott Elrod, and why should he be considered as a possible Christian Grey?

Well, if you are a Days of Our Lives or CSI: NY fan, then you may recognize him from small roles he's had on both shows. And if you followed the show Men in Trees (you know, the one starring Anne Heche), then Scott's strikingly handsome face may ring a bell -- he played her "friend" Cash.

Ok, so he has some acting experience, but is it enough to take on the task of portraying Christian Grey? Well, Scott has his age going for him -- he's 37, so he fits just fine into the dominant part of the role. And he is pretty darn hot, so it wouldn't exactly be torture to watch him during some of the steamier scenes.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this video clip. Sure, the actual acting is dubbed out by music, but seeing how hot this dude looks with his shirt off might be enough to convince you that he's up for the Christian Grey challenge.

What do you think of Scott Elrod as a possible contender for Christian Grey's role?


Image via ilekobietalamat/YouTube

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