Kelly Marcel Named '50 Shades of Grey' Screenwriter: 5 Facts You Need to Know

kelly marcel tom hardyKelly Marcel & Tom Hardy at the Diesel Music Awards in 2007.Well, it's not much satisfaction for Ian Somerhalder fangirls, but the latest Fifty Shades of Grey movie news is pretty major! E.L. James, Universal Pictures, and the film's producers, Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti, have settled on a screenwriter for the flick, and it's none other than Kelly Marcel!

I know, I know. You're thinking, "WHO?!?" But being that the British screenwriter has just scored one of the most coveted jobs in Hollywood, there's no doubt she's soon to be a household name. Here, a few need-to-knows about the screenwriter who just won a dreamy, steamy gig ...

  1. She's not only a screenwriter. Marcel's also got creator and producer credits under her belt. She served as the co-creator and executive producer of the Amblin (aka Steven Spielberg)/FOX-TV series Terra Nova, for which she wrote the series' pilot episode. She's also producing The Madonnas of Echo Park for HBO.
  2. She comes from an entertainment biz family. Her father, Terry Marcel, was also a director and producer.
  3. She's also got stage cred. Marcel has a musical theater background, having starred in the UK version of Debbie Does Dallas, the Musical. (Sexy foreshadowing to working on Fifty Shades?) And more recently, in 2010, Marcel founded The Bad Dog Theater Company with actor Tom Hardy (from The Dark Knight Rises, posing with Marcel in the above photo) and fellow writer Brett C. Leonard.
  4. She's the writer behind one of Hollywood's most beloved screenplays. Marcel penned the screenplay for Saving Mr. Banks, which is a behind-the-scenes look at how Disney's Mary Poppins came to be. (Cool fact: Tom Hanks is starring as Walt!) And before it was picked up, the screenplay was placed on the the 2011 Black List -- an annual list of Hollywood's most liked, yet unproduced screenplays.
  5. She's BFF with sexy Tom Hardy. See above pic. Yeah, these two seem to be more than just co-founders of the Bad Dog Theater Company. Kelly Marcel and the Batman villain are known to be such good friends, there's even buzz already that she might see if he could play Christian! Hey, I wouldn't complain!

Do you think it sounds like Marcel has what it takes to pen the Fifty Shades screenplay?

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