Forget ‘50 Shades’! Wife-Carrying Competition Is Real Pain (VIDEO)

wife carrying competitionGoddamn it, I missed it again. The North American Wife-Carrying Competition was this weekend in Sunday River, Maine, and it's pretty much as awesome and self-explanatory as it sounds. Married couples compete in an obstacle course filled with mud, hurdles, sand traps, and water holes. Husbands must haul their wives about 277 yards, or almost three football fields, through the treacherous terrain for the revered title of guy who can carry his wife through an obstacle course fastest.

You gotta see this.



Awesome, no?

Anyway, so what does the winner get? The wife's weight in beer, and five times her weight in cash, naturally. This year's victors were a stacked married duo from Finland, but something tells me since they won the World Wife-Carrying Competition in Finland a little while ago, this North American first-place prize one doesn't taste quite as sweet.

Seems like a great way to bond with your spouse, so what are you waiting for? Climb on top of your husband's shoulders and race around the backyard. Who knows, if you're any good, you could be sipping on 130 pounds or so of beer in a matter of months. All you have to do is beat the Fins and their time of 52.58 seconds. Hop to it!

Do you and your spouse ever compete in fun competitions together?


Photo via AssociatedPress/YouTube

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