Mila Kunis Named 'Sexiest Woman Alive' & '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Producers Should Take Note (VIDEO)

Mila KunisSo Mila Kunis was crowned the "Sexiest Woman Alive" this weekend by Esquire magazine. It's no real surprise that she'd be named as such, as she's undeniably sexy, but my hope is that this honor will be the final push producers of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie need to secure her for the role of Anastasia Steele.

Over the years Kunis has racked up the sexpot awards from GQ's "Knockout of the Year" in 2011 to a spot on Men's Health's List of the "100 Hottest Women of All Time," so it's pretty well established that she's smokin' hot. Not just beautiful, but undeniably sexy without even trying -- just like Anastasia.


She's got the hair, the look, and you can just imagine her biting those lips and driving Christian Grey wild. Plus, she's shown that she's a good actress who can take on a variety of roles. So while she does pretty much scream sexpot, I think she could totally tone it down to be the timid, shy thing that Anastasia sometimes is with the sexiness just brewing below the surface. Part of her sexiness is that she has so much of that girl-next-door look to her -- just like Anastasia. Honestly, I can't imagine anyone who could do the role better.

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If you don't agree, just watch this racy video of her that Esquire put together. While she says she'd rather be scuba diving, I'd rather see her start practicing for her role in the red room of pain.

Do you think Mila Kunis is the Sexiest Woman Alive? Do you think she should play Anastasia Steele?


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