'50 Shades of Grey' Author Is Laughing at You for Freaking Out About Her Books

e.l. james signing bookAuthor E.L. James spoke with actress Marlo Thomas -- who now apparently reports for HuffPo -- and revealed quite a few new sassy details on how she feels about her Fifty Shades of international, not-going-anywhere-soon-whether-you-like-it-or-not success. And, much like when she was on Ryan Seacrest, Erika Leonard copped quite the huffy, defensive 'tude.

If last time she was looking down her nose at fans for having an insatiable appetite for gossip surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, this time, it seems like Erika is rolling her eyes at people who "miss the point" of her books.


In response to feminists and critics who say the book's politically incorrect:

It makes me kind of laugh, all this navel-gazing about this book. I wrote it for fun! It's entertaining, and if they read all the books, they'd know who's actually the stronger of these two characters. ... I find all of this breast-beating about it ... well, I mean, I just roll my eyes at it, frankly.

And to the people who are getting all bent out of shape about the BDSM in the book, she says:

I think the domination aspect is completely overstated, and that many people are missing the point.

To some extent, I totally agree with her. Some people have jumped on the series and tried to make it out to be this detrimental target that it simply is not. But on the other hand, I'd rather just hear Erika truly laugh those criticisms off, instead of constantly offering up the snark and accusing those who are questioning the message behind the books of "navel-gazing," "breast-beating," "missing the point."

Of course there are extremists who have gone too far, but as an author, she shouldn't begrudge anyone for THINKING about and discussing her (for the gazillionth time, let's admit it, extremely poorly written) stories. Unless she wants to say her books are mindless trash meant to be taken at face-value, she's gotta own all this passionate debate, instead of looking down over her black-rimmed spectacles at it.

How do you feel about the way E.L. James has reacted to the criticism about her book? Do you think she should be flattered people are talking about it so passionately?


Image via Mark Doyle/Splash News

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