Official 'Lone Ranger' Trailer: Jack Sparrow & 'The Shadow Guy' (VIDEO)

the lone ranger trailer tkYou know how sometimes you're just so incredibly impressed by something or someone that you don't even know what to say? Well, I was starting to feel that way yesterday about The Lone Ranger when they released all those crazy amazing stills. Now, today -- the OFFICIAL TRAILER is here, folks, and I am officially at a loss for words.

So, rather than ramble on yet again about Johnny Depp's exquisite beauty and incomparable talent, I decided to ask a bonafide member of The Lone Ranger's target audience for his opinion of the trailer: My (almost) 7-year-old son. (Who thinks Johnny Depp's name is Jack Sparrow, FYI.) I mean, if a 7-year-old boy isn't blown away by the trailer for a cowboy movie, well ... can you say box office bad omen?!


Anyway, here's what my son Julian (the aspiring film critic) had to say about The Lone Ranger trailer:

Julian: "I like that one shadow guy."

Me: "Which one is the shadow guy?"

Julian: "Wait, play it again. Okay, not that guy ... not Jack Sparrow ... that one! With the mask!"

Me: "Oh, The Lone Ranger! But don't you think Jack Sparrow looks cool with that makeup on?"

Julian (giving me a strange look): "Yeah, I guess so. But I like that mask guy. And the horses are cool."

Me: "Okay, anything else?"

Julian: "I mean, I think I'm gonna like this movie, but it's never gonna be my favorite."

Me: "Because Jack Sparrow's face is all covered in makeup?"

Julian (giving me a strange look): "Can I go do my homework now?"

Um, maybe you better just watch and decide for yourself:

So, whaddya think?

Will The Lone Ranger ever be YOUR favorite movie?


Image via movieclipsTRAILERS/YouTube

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