Moving Vans Outside Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's House Mean Everything & Nothing

kristen stewartJust in case you don't believe the victory story of the year, that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back in L-O-V-E, here are moving vans for proof. They've been spotted idling outside the home Robsten once shared together, no doubt waiting to spirit away the couple's belongings to Kristen's Malibu home. Or Robert's stuff from Reece's Ojai ranch back to the Robsten Love Nest. Or something like that.

Rumor has it the moving vans have been hired as spokespeople for the star-crossed lovers, who are busy living very separate lives at the moment despite reports that they are back together again. When interviewed, Moving Van #1 said only, "Vroom, cough, cough!" But we think that means it's loaded to the rafters with Robert's hair gel and flannel shirts, in defiance of this blind item to the contrary.


Right. Moving vans. Nice try, PR people, whoever you are! My condolences to the poor photogs who have to hang out at Chez Robsten-of-Yore, waiting to photograph that "telling" evidence that Robert and Kristen are doing something that resembles cohabiting again. You are the real heroes.

It looks like we won't see much of Robert and Kristen together until they walk, hand-in-forgiving-hand, down the red carpet for the Breaking Dawn 2 premieres. Kristen has conveniently been at the Paris fashion shows while Robert parties in LA. And that time apart should tell you two important things: The Robsten reunion is a publicity stunt, and the Robsten reunion is a publicity stunt.

Am I too cynical? Well, MAYBE I'VE BEEN HURT by the Robsten breakup. I just... I don't know who to believe anymore, you know? Was their whole relationship just a farce? Have we been fooled all along? Does Robert even OWN hair gel? I don't know! But I can't shake that feeling that all of this is just fake like a rubber tree in a dentist's office.

Do you believe Robert and Kristen are back together again, or do you think it's all just a show for the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2?


Image via SplashNews

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