'50 Shades of Grey' Author May Want Vampires to Play Christian & Ana After All (LISTEN)

E L JamesShe's tried her best to play things pretty coy thus far, but Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James is beginning to have a hard time keeping her mouth shut when it comes to who should play her beloved characters, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, in the movie version of the book.

And while her husband went and got our hopes up when he mumbled something about Ryan Gosling being cast, E.L. has gone out of her way to make it known that the rumors surrounding Ryan are nothing but rumors -- which seems like a pretty good indicator that he won't be a part of the film. (Boo!)

But if a recent slip of the tongue she made is any indication of who is on her list of favorites to land the roles, then it sounds like were in for an eye-candy filled treat when the Fifty Shades of Grey movie finally hits theaters. (And there may be vampires involved too.)


E.L. James talked to Ryan Seacrest and said that casting the film is the studio's decision and that they "aren't too far along" in the process -- but she did throw in a little tidbit about being a huge fan of Vampire Diaries. And that can only mean one thing, right?

Yes, I'm talking about her LOVING the idea of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev filling the roles of Christian and Ana and making all of our hot and steamy Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies come true as we sit and squirm in our sets and try not to breathe too loudly sit motionless in our seats glued to the screen eating our popcorn in the theater.

Let's start with Ian Somerhalder and why he should play Christian Grey. I think one of my friends from college said it best, "He's so hot it's criminal." The end.

And Nina Dobrev definitely fits the part of Anastasia, and couple her gorgeous looks with the fact that she and Ian are doing the dirty in real life and you've got yourself an on-screen chemistry combination that has the possibility to spontaneously combust at any second.

I highly doubt anyone will complain with Ian and Nina as part of the cast, and if they do, well -- at the least the majority of fans will be extremely satisfied.

You can listen to more of E.L. James'  interview with Ryan Seacrest in this clip.

Do you think she gave away key details about the cast?


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