Robert Pattinson Thinks 'Twilight' Needs a Kinky '50 Shades of Grey' Makeover (VIDEO)

Robert PattinsonFor whatever reason, Robert Pattinson's split from Kristen Stewart seems to have brought him out of his shell a bit more. And even though they're supposedly "back together" now, he must really like being more open and carefree -- judging from a comment he made about being in favor of a very racy kind of film.

And while it would be great to think that he's still on the short-list for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Robert thinks a kinkier version of Twilight would be a box-office hit. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Rob said, "They should do it as a straight-up porn film. That would be so good."

Whoa. He said porn. Is it getting hot in here? (Giggle.)


And whether or not he was actually serious when he made that comment is beside the point, because you've gotta admit -- the idea of a remake of Twilight with a Fifty Shades twist doesn't sound like a half bad idea. 

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I'm not sure that redoing the film as "straight-up porn" is the best plan, but can you imagine how much hotter it would be if they went back and amped up the sexier scenes a bit? I mean, the honeymoon scene in Breaking Dawn had a definite element of steaminess, but it could've been way more over-the-top. (Broken headboards are kind of lame -- and don't even get me started on the feathers.)

Yeah, yeah -- I know they had to make it suitable for all the teenage Twihards in the audience who don't yet engage in such risky and unspeakable acts (yeah, right), but that's why Rob's plan of doing a full-blown remake to strictly cater to an adult audience makes total sense.

Since odds are good that we aren't going to have the pleasure of seeing him as Christian Grey, Robert Pattinson fans downright deserve a good glimpse as to what he's like in the sack. And seeing him have a few sessions of good old-fashioned vampire sex will be enough to satisfy our curiosity without giving every detail of his bedroom behaviors away.

You can hear more about Rob's thoughts on an adult Twilight in this video clip.

C'mon -- if there's no hope of Rob landing a role in Fifty Shades, wouldn't you at least love to see him in a naughtier version of Twilight?


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