Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz & Dick' Trailer Is an Overacting Disaster!!! {Slams Door} (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanIt's here. The Liz & Dick trailer is here, you guys. I was never confident that the made-for-TV Lifetime movie starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor would ever see the light of day, but acting talent and Liz's relatives be damned, the flick is complete and is ready for our viewing displeasure. And folks, it's just as terrible as you thought it was going to be.

It's so bad, in fact, that the trailer shows mostly stills from the movie, thereby hiding as much of Lindsay's performance as possible. And still, still!, it's a sack of overacting crap!


The movie comes out on Lifetime "this November" (what, they couldn't nail down a date? It's not that far off! ), so I guess keep an eye out for it.

In the meantime, look out for Lindsay Lohan. She's got Amanada Bynes to compete with for the title of Queen of Crazy, so you know LiLo's going to be bringing it.

So, whatdya think?


Photo via Lifetime/YouTube

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