'Twilight' Hunk Is Ready & Willing for Major '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Role

Kellan LutzThere may be a few actors and actresses in Hollywood who are absolutely against starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but apparently that doesn't apply to the cast of Twilight.

Yep -- one hunky vampire is more than willing to go ahead and trade his pale skin and fangs in favor of stepping into the shoes of a much sexier and much more hot blooded fellow who still has every ability and desire to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.


No, I'm not talking about Robert Pattinson (he's too busy crawling back to Kristen Stewart like a lost puppy) -- I'm talking about hunky Kellan Lutz. Kellan admits he's all for starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey flick -- but he doesn't exactly have his eye on Christian Grey's role. Of the possibility of being part of the film, he told PARADE:  

I've been hearing about that! I haven't read the books. I need to though. The fans saw similarities between Emmett and Elliot. I don't know much about either. I know Christian is the lead but that's why I didn't want to play Edward [Cullen, in Twilight]. He wasn't really like me. I'll trust the fans.

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Well -- it looks like we have our perfect Elliot Grey, then, don't we? And Kellan really does seem like a great fit. First and foremost, he's gorgeous, so it won't exactly be a chore to watch him romance Kate Kavanagh as Elliot. And since Twilight fans are already associating him with the character, it's not like they'll need any further convincing to buy into him as the on-screen Elliot Grey.

But if Kellan is cast as Elliot, who would be the ideal Christian to star as his brother? And how about Kate? He definitely needs to be paired with an actress he'll have great chemistry with -- but something tells me having chemistry with Kellan isn't something most actresses will have to fake. (He's a hot one, all right.)

Do you think Kellan is right for Elliot's part? If not, then who would you cast?


Image via Sparkle in the sun/Flickr

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