Mila Kunis Rescued by NYC Firemen in Her Most Dramatic Scene Yet

mila kunisYikes, Mila Kunis got stuck in an elevator this weekend! She was in New York City filming The Angriest Man in Brooklyn with Robin Williams. Sunday, just before noon, a call came out from an elevator stuck between the fifth and sixth floors of a building. Forty-five minutes later firemen rescued the occupants of the elevator -- which included Mila!

Can you imagine what the firemen must have thought? "Is that Mila Kunis? Holy crap, this is the luckiest day at work EVER!" Rumor has it Robin Williams may have been with her, though we don't have confirmation of that. But still, I bet Mila sends out an awfully nice thank-you basket, right?

Ooh, but getting stuck in an elevator -- that sounds so scary.


A source says Mila was in the elevator with up to 10 other people, including a female friend of hers. "They were stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes, and it became very hot in there, but Mila and everyone else remained calm."

Well good for Mila for showing grace under fire. I'm glad she could handle the situation calmly -- I'm not sure I would. I've never gotten stuck on an elevator, but the idea is positively frightening to me. It sounds stuffy and claustrophobia-inducing. And what if you push that emergency button and no one comes?

Maybe I'm just irrational. Maybe I should think about getting rescued by firemen instead. I mean, that's kind of something to look forward to. Yeah, that's the ticket -- maybe getting stuck in an elevator is something to hope for, not dread! Thank you Mila. You taught me something today. One more thing: I would like to pre-emptively apologize now to any firefighters who rescue me from a stuck elevator and realize to their dismay that I am not Mila Kunis.

Have you ever gotten stuck in an elevator?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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