'50 Shades of Grey' Album Is Missing These 10 Songs to Have Sex To

fifty shades of grey albumYou know what author E.L. James had to say about her Fifty Shades of Grey album? Yeah she said it's all "music to f**k to", and she doesn't mean "folk." There are decidedly few banjos on the mix. The Fifty Shades album is available for pre-order on iTunes right now, and let me save you the hassle of previewing the songs -- they're all classical. There's even Pachebel's Canon in D major, which thrusts me back to graduation ceremonies -- experiences that were more tedious than they were titillating. So classical tunes may be all well and good for a few of you out there who like to get down to the musical equivalent of moth balls, but for those of you who like a little more pep in your step during the sexy time, here's a list of 10 songs to get you in a slinky mood.

  1. Chris Isaak -- "Wicked Game." If the song doesn't do it for you, the video might. 
  2. Marvin Gaye -- "Sexual Healing." Baby, I'm hot like an oven and I need some lovin'. 'Nuf said.
  3. R.E.M. -- "Nightswimming." It deserves a quiet night. And a naked one. 
  4. Usher -- "Love in this Club." As if this wasn't going to make the list. 
  5. Toni Braxton -- "You're Makin' Me High." It's too bad Toni's career didn't last longer. What a talent. 
  6. Drake and Rihanna -- "Take Care." With over 39 million views on YouTube, this song and video evidently get a lot of people going
  7. Rod Stewart -- "Tonight's the Night." Mmmhmm, yeah it is.
  8. Robin Thicke -- "Lost Without You." Mmmhmm, yeah you are.
  9. Sade -- "By Your Side." Nothing ever wrong with a little Sade.
  10. Lenny Kravitz -- "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over." Preach, Lenny.

Nothing like some subjective taste in bonin' music to really get a conversation flowing. So!

What would be on your sexy time playlist?


Photo via iTunes

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