'50 Shades' of Nail Colors Guaranteed to Make You Hot (PHOTOS)

Kylie McConville | Sep 5, 2012 Movies
'50 Shades' of Nail Colors Guaranteed to Make You Hot (PHOTOS)

50 shades of grey nail polishWhat goes together better than Fifty Shades of Grey and nail polish? Nothing. They're like sugar and spice. Bonnie and Clyde. Jay and Bey. When you think about it, they really are a match made in heaven.

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have made everything sexier. Even elevators are sexy. Now that takes talent. And nail polish? Oh, honey. Most of fall's steamiest colors have ties to some of the hottest Fifty Shades moments. Pretty sure I'll never look at a sultry grey hue and not think of Mr. Fifty Shades of F&^ked Up (or that tie ... or that glare). Purple, too. Remember Ana's jaw-dropping frock that sent CG over the edge? Yup. That's the one.

So you can't blame us everyday folk for wanting a little piece of the Fifty Shades pie. And now we can have it. Here are six hot fall nail colors that will remind you of your favorite scenes from the book.

What colors will you use to channel your own Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired nails?


Image via ballekarina/ Flickr

  • Grey


    Image via Walmart


    Aching for a glimpse of Christian Grey? With grey nails (L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color at Walmart, $4.97), you'll never have to look far. The color is cool and crisp for fall -- and won't ever fail at putting you in the mood if ya know what I'm sayin'.


  • Greyish blue


    Image via CVS Pharmacy


    Picture the delicate Seattle skyline, the view from the Charlie Tango, or the erotic, inviting eyes of Mr. Grey beckoning you to his side. Whatever it is you wanna picture, ladies, it's hard to deny this greyish blue shade (Revlon Dreamer 410 at CVS Pharmacy, $4.34) belongs in your your seductive collection.

  • Red


    Image via Essie


    Having a Red Room of Pain on stand-by in your basement might not be the safest idea, especially if you've got kids who love to get into everything. Flash nails painted this deep red hue (Really red by Essie, $8.00) at your partner as your secret, sexy-time cue.

  • Metallics


    Image via Target


    Want your own little pint-size dose of CG anytime you want? Join the club. For now, though, we'll just have to settle with a metallic, silky shade of grey (No Place Like Chrome, available at Target, $7.79) to hold us over ... until the movie comes, at least.

  • Creamy brown


    Image via Essie


    Ana has one thing in common with all of Christian's other subs: brown hair. Spoiler alert! It's the trait they share with his nurturing mother, too. (Ew.) Whether or not you're a brunette by choice, though, this milky, beautiful brown nail color (Little Brown Dress by Essie, $8.00) is the best choice to carry over from fall to winter.

  • Purple


    Image via Walmart

    Have you fantasized about what Ana's show-stealing, ultra sultry purple dress would look like in real life? Well now, at least, you can paint your nails the purple of your dreams (Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish at Walmart, $2.97). It's the perfect color to "slip in to."

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