Zac Efron Cast in '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Trailer With a Blond Anastasia (VIDEO)

Zac EfronHis name has been thrown around as a possible contender to star in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie before, but after seeing this new trailer starring Zac Efron as Christian Grey, cougars fans like me who appreciate the hotness that is Zac Efron will agree that we're in for a real treat if he does snag the part.

This new trailer, which is one of many unofficial Fifty Shades videos out there at the time being, gives us a brief glimpse of Zac's buff bod rolling around between the sheets (ooh-la-la), proving that he fits the bill as far as Christian's physical appearance goes even though he's a bit younger than Grey is depicted in the book. (You can't put an age on those sexy biceps.)


But if Zac Efron does wind up being cast, he's going to need a hot counterpart to play Anastasia Steele, which is why the actress cast in this particular video is a little bit puzzling.

Take a look at the clip to see someone we haven't heard yet as a possible Ana. Hint -- she's a blond.


Kirsten Dunst? As Anastasia Steele? Huh. Out of all of the possibilities out there, I never would've thought of Kirsten as an option. (And not just because of the hair thing.)

I mean, she's not exactly Hollywood's "it" girl right now, but maybe that's what Celebrity Dirty Laundry was going for by casting her in the part? And maybe changing things up a bit in the movie and making Ana a blond instead of a mousy brunette isn't such a bad idea. The lighter locks would definitely sex her character up and make her a bit more edgy -- which would help fans separate the book from the film. (It could work, right?)

What do you think about Zac and Kristen as a potential Christian and Ana?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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