Hilarious '50 Shades of Grey' Parody Reflects Every Busy Mom's Fantasies (VIDEO)

50 Shades of Grey TributeLet's face it, as much as being a suburban mother of young children is filled with all sorts of fun, love, and good times, it can also be mind-numbingly boring. Between the sticky sippy cups and meltdowns in the minivan, and over the drone of the Fresh Beat band, it's not unusual to let our minds drift off to more pleasurable places.

Enter Fifty Shades of Grey, and suddenly the glazed over eyes of the moms on the playground have a little more spark in them as we all imagine ourselves as Ana for a few minutes before we race off to Kindermusik and lacrosse practice. Sigh. A brilliant new musical parody of the sexy book series has emerged that pretty much nails the phenomena titled "Christian Penetrates the Suburbs." In it two actors play the roles of Christian and a suburban version of Ana. It takes all of the sexy hotness of the book -- Ben Wa balls included -- to a whole new level.


It's hilarious because it's so spot on in depicting the lives of many upper class suburban moms with lines like: "Go for a joy ride in my Charlie Tango/It's a few steps up from a Dodge Durango." With offers to do her carpool, pick up her kid's birthday cake, and let her shop at will without ever looking at her credit card bill, it's much hotter for some of us than the Red Room of Pain ever could be. 

The refrain is ridiculously catchy too: "Oh Christian I've been naughty/Flush my thoughts right down the potty/Hold your ears cause I cum laude." It's seriously one of the funniest takes I've seen on the books, and I've watched it more than a few times. See for yourself.

What's your favorite part of this video? Does Fifty Shades of Grey fuel your fantasies?


Image via YouTube

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