Michelle Obama Gets Why Women Are Gushing Over '50 Shades of Grey'

michelle obama at olympicsRemember back when President Obama was confronted with his first public questioning about Fifty Shades of Grey? The prez is usually right on top of the latest cultural trends, but when asked about E.L. James' steamy trilogy by the ladies of The View, he had to divert to someone he was sure would be more of an expert on the topic: His wife! Now Michelle Obama has shared her take on Fifty Shades with iVillage ...

Despite not having "had time to read anything" (who can blame her with this being an election year and all?), the First Lady says she has "a lot of friends, staff, people who are reading it, so it's all around" her. That said, she's managed to formulate an opinion on its popularity ...


Mrs. Obama said:

Not having read it, it's hard to know exactly what's going on.  But it's obviously tacked into something, and giving people permission to explore parts of themselves that maybe felt a bit taboo. But I don't know, that's just a good guess.

"Good guess," huh? Suuuure! I'm guessing that she has read at least a few pages or, at the very least, heard her "friends, staff," etc. regaling the plot and some of the naughtiest details. She totally knows more than she's letting on. And you know what? I LOVE that! 

We should be thrilled to have a FLOTUS who is aware of and in tune with not only what's going on in pop culture, but the pop culture women in particular are enjoying. She's totally plugged into the zeitgeist. No, of course it's not nearly as important as her work helping veterans find work or raising awareness about childhood obesity. She would be a perfectly awesome and effective presidential spouse even if she wasn't clued in on what American women are reading and experiencing as a result. 

But knowing that she seems aware -- and accepting! -- of the sexual revolution linked to the series is definitely cool. It may be a slightly trivial point, but I'd sure like to have a First Lady who "gets" that for another four years.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's take on Fifty Shades of Grey?

Image via whitehouse.gov

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